Below is a small selection of some of my current collections. If you are interested in licensing, purchasing or commissioning your own design for a project or even for your home, then please get in touch using the contact us page, via or check out what is for sale here. Scroll to the bottom for more information!




I am a formally educated Textile artist who has been honing my practice for the last 15 years, covering many disciplines, from Surface Pattern, design and illustration through to freehand machine and hand embroidery. 

I am passionate about using my art for good, whether that is through the positive themes within my work or using environmentally friendly methods wherever possible or even just making people smile. 

My aims within my practice are to produce contemporary pieces that not only question pre-conceived ideas of what Textiles art should be, but that they also evoke a sense of positivity. 

My techniques and designs are intertwined with my Surface Pattern Design and Illustration practice, taking cues from future trends as well as my own photography of my travels and the beauty I see in the everyday around me.

My embroidery designs either start life straight on the fabric (using a quick 'sketch stitch' or painted using Indian Inks) or as a drawing in my sketchbook or on the iPadPro. From these beginnings my designs are then refined to make a final piece to be scanned and manipulated in to a Surface Pattern Design with the hoops being sold through my website, local galleries, art fairs and exhibitions (keep an eye on social media and my website for up and coming shows).