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HAPPY 2019

Hi all, it’s been a little while since I did a blog update… and now there have been so many new and exciting developments I don’t know where to start (if you want to keep fully up to date with stockists, events, workshops and new designs sign up to the newsletter here).


Bye bye 2018

The end of 2018 was a complete whirlwind, with wonderful new stockists coming on board (you can see them all here). Along with a fab exhibition in A Little Bird Told Me gallery in Wendover, another in Saffron Walden museum a launch of a whole new range of Christmas Cards and 4 fabulous art markets for a little bit of a soft launch over the festive season (click here to see all current and upcoming events).

Hello 2019

Fast forward to 2019… how are we already in February! Well it has been go go go since the 1 January, with an extra exhibition at the Upstairs Gallery, applying successfully to be accepted by a group of fantastic artists to exhibit with them as a part of Bucks Arts Week for the first time this year at Green Dragon Eco Farm. At this point I don’t think anyone would begrudge me a bit of a lie down… But no, the first 4 workshops of the year have been confirmed, covering felt cactus making as well as embroidery for beginners and an intermediate workshop too (see all workshops and sign up here). I thought that might just about be enough to be carrying on with… but I was asked by the fantastically talented team of Sarah and Carrie at HAPPYDASHERY to add some of my work to their brand new bricks and mortar shop (WHICH OPENS TODAY!!!) and am SO pleased to have been asked, it looks AMAZING in there.


Future plans

After all this excitement along with prepping exhibition submissions for Prism Textiles, ERTF and a couple of other exciting things in the pipeline that I can't quite share yet I just wanted to share a bit of an update as if I leave it any longer this will become an essay!! If you made it to this point then high fives to you! Have an amazing weekend and watch this space!

Creativity and community!

Well, it has been a wonderful end to the week here in my studio... I have been working towards completing some of my #TinyTasks (a little initiative set up by some of the lovely people who are a part of the inspirational creative meetups at epanoui, it helps to keep us all accountable). 

One of the things that I wanted to achieve by the second week of August was to have a new print run of my cards completed (yes I am putting that in writing for all to see... no getting away from it now). This includes using a new local printer (gotta support local independents) and finishing up some new embroidered artwork (see below).

A tough task along with exhibition pieces, gallery applications and some freelance marketing work I have scheduled in at the moment, but I was up for the challenge...

Well in true Hannah style, the deadline sparked off some more ideas... some new pieces of Illustration art that I just HAD to include...

as well as a two brand new pieces of embroidery art and some tweaked pieces from my collection that I just couldn't leave out...

and some pieces from my initial positively pretty embroidery collection that jumped out at me and screamed to be included.

If that wasn't enough, I was inspired to try add a couple of new items to my popular cut paper collection... which then rolled over to cut paper cards for kids.  

So in short... my #TinyTask has lead to 38 greetings cards off for proof printing (12 of which are re-prints from my original print run or slightly tweaked)! So now, I need you, tell me all about your favourite independent gift and lifestyle shops as I want to get all of these new designs out there in to peoples hands, helping to spread positivity one piece of affordable art at a time!  Email me, DM or comment on social media to let me know where you would like to see my work! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Hannah x

Time flies when you are having fun… a quick update from the studio

Time flies when you are having fun… a quick update from the studio

Housekeeping… kind of

I have been a little quiet on the blog… but all for good reasons! I will start with a little update (because who doesn’t love a little nosy), there have been a few fun changes since I last popped anything on the blog, so...

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