Where to start!

Well, it has been quite a while since I last posted properly, but there has been SO much going on behind the scenes (all good stuff)!

Homewares, it was good while it lasted... 

You may have seen a brand new range of homewares that came out at Christmas, these bright bits for the home were met with a great reception, however, unfortunately our supplier went in to administration last month. We were fortunate enough to have ordered lots so we were able to complete all current orders, but we have had to pull these items from the shop. 

Everything is an opportunity...even if it is hiding

This slight hiccup in our homewares range afforded me a great opportunity to play and create items for a fair that I had booked in advance to show off these very items! The space to create and knowing I had a show to work towards meant that I could dedicate some time to a huge passion of mine, hand and freehand machine embroidery! I have always loved this method of creating and have used my stitching in designs a few times, but due to the time consuming nature of the process, I haven't ever dedicated as much time to embroidery as I would like. Well this little opportunity resulted in me creating a whole collection of 'pretty pieces of positivity', which have had an wonderfully positive reception (see some of the pieces here).

On to bigger and better things

The fantastic reception to my pretty pieces of positivity embroidery collection spurred me on to create a whole new range of greetings cards and art prints, some using bright and bold cut paper designs, digital designs and for the first time, my embroidery. These were debuted at Sally Evans Artists and Makers Fair Bradmoor Farm in Haddenham and the reception was fantastic, lots of cards were sold and there was a great amount of interest in not only the embroidery but the positive messages and images that were being used! (See more about the weekend with this write up from Aylesbury & District news). 

So... what next...

Well, this is all a bit back to front as there was a little bit of exciting news that just couldn't wait and you can read the full story here but the short version is, these very greetings cards are now stocked in the beautiful épanoui in Bedford, which I am completely thrilled about, they are the first stockist of this new range and épanoui truly is a beautiful shop. Next, I am doing a little bit of a reshuffle on my website as I am now accepting wholesale orders (excited squeal)! The greetings cards will be available on the online shop to purchase directly shortly... so watch this space.