Just keep swimming...

Well that is what it feels like here in grey and dreary Bedfordshire… the weather is utter rubbish which has scuppered my plans to take pics of my new mock up packaging ideas for Make It In Design module 3 packaging brief. Dreary weather aside, I thought that I would give you a little update on the last week and how everything is going in the studio… so big sunshine smiles and off we go! 

Business, business, business…

I said in my last blog post, that Make It In Design module 3 is like a punch in the face… well it was… but now it is a little more of a mentor/big sister/caring boss. After the first two weeks of kicking us in to action by giving us tasks that are formulated(ish) towards our strengths… designing, the course has slowly moved towards the pieces of information that we really need to know… pricing, contracts, trade shows etc. etc. Now there are very few creative people that I have come across that relish the business side of things (and I am one of them), most tolerate it and some just flat out ignore it. Working through module 3 systematically helps to alleviate the little whiney voice in my head that moans ‘but I just want to dessiiiiiggggnnnn stuuuuuuuffff’, by making the information clear, concise and jargon free. In short, I know taking the time to build on my knowledge so that I better understand the inner workings of the industry in a little more depth is invaluable and I am enjoying working through the info.

Spirited Folk Contours Collection

Well, as much as learning about the business side of the industry is fun, it makes for a pretty boring looking blog post, so I thought that I would share one or two of the creative briefs that I have undertaken here for module 3. I will start with this gift wrap collection, a timed task to design 6 gift wraps within 24 hours. This was a tough task as I was away exploring Manchester at the time and the wonderful Whitworth Gallery and their Lucienne Day and Barbara Brown exhibitions (a must see if you are ever in the area). I split my time during the journey and also focussing when back home (so not 100% complete within one actual day), using the WGSN trends from the previous brief (the nail wraps you can see here), I merged the themes together to get the ‘Spirited Folk Contours’ theme and the results are below! Bright, colourful, fun and focussing on affluent female customers in their late 30’s.  

I love the results and have popped together some physical mock ups too which will shortly be uploaded on to social media, so keep an eye out!  

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The next task was to design ‘out of season’, so I took on Christmas as (at the time), it was beautifully spring like! I found it a great challenge and it had a really interesting effect on my designs, forcing me to ‘think outside the box’ rather than designing during the season. The results are below and I am excited to get these in to production ready for next Christmas (see last Christmas’ cards in the shop to snap them up before they are all gone).

 Well that’s enough of me yammering on for now, I need to get back to work… I am working on a pitch collection with a very specific store in mind… I will share all when possible, but for now, keep an eye on social and don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date!

TTFN - Hannah