Guest Blog - The talented Indie Designer Hannah Heys

Posted on 08 July 2016 on SURFACE PATTERN PRINT see original article here

Today on our guest blog we talk to the talented independent textile designer Hannah Heys

Why did you choose to be an Artist/Designer? 

I have always loved anything creative from a young age and I remember when I had to pick which subjects to take at school, I wanted to choose the ones I enjoyed the most (Art and Textiles) rather than the ones that I got the best grades in. I think that my view (even when I was a kid), was that if you really enjoy something, then take the time to learn properly and improve, anyone can just ‘do what they are ok at’, it doesn’t mean that they will enjoy/excel at it. My dream was originally to be a fashion designer, but I got bored of that pretty quickly when I realised I was more interested in making the fabrics than making the garments, luckily I realised this in time to study Textiles and Surface Design at University. Since day one of studying Surface Design, I have wanted to be a freelance Surface Designer, it is a really expensive industry to get in to and I really wasn’t sure how to market myself, so I took a ‘real’ job in marketing to pay the bills and really enjoyed the creative aspects of this, but Surface Pattern Design was always where my heart lay, so after five years in marketing (undertaking Textiles and Surface Design work in the evenings and at weekends), I made Surface Pattern Design my focus once again. The meandering route of my career so far proves (to me anyway), that even back at school, I had it pretty spot on… do what you love! 

Who’s your favourite creative and why?

I find it really difficult to pick a singular creative, I love all sorts of work and am inspired by so much, from furniture through to illustration, but at the moment, I am finding the pattern work of Owen Jones really inspiring!

Sum up your style in 10 words

Inspired by travel and worldwide beauty, translated using meticulous detail.

How could the print / design industry best support new designers? 

I found that when I left University that I was ill-equipped for the big wide world, I think that new designers could really benefit from forums, and business/marketing courses with honest advice. I found that the marketing of myself and my work was an area where I really wasn’t sure what was working and what was a wasted effort (so I went out and got a marketing degree), but not everyone is so lucky to be able to go off and learn the skills necessary whilst earning money, and it really does take an awful lot of time and effort, when most people I have come across just want to design and do what they love.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years? 

I would like to predominantly be a freelance Surface Pattern Designer, selling my designs and homeware collections both online, to fashion houses and in retail outlets. I would also like to think that I would be helping new designers and others within the Textiles and Surface Design community with marketing as well, putting my ‘other’ skills to good use, making great designers visible.

See Hannahs work on our Design Community soon :)

For now take a look at her beautiful website